dimanche 4 juillet 2010

reality, in the middle of a clearing in the middle of a wood at the edge of the world. an aspen tree – ‘populus tremuloides’ ; its leaves tremble because the tree is filled with grief and remorse. it is said to be the only tree that trembles but never bends, even in the strongest of winds. read: affinity.
i carved initials into one of the trees with a heart between them, and then left the trembling trees in their naked grief to watch the sunset alone.
i think what i’m trying to say (and i’m trying to say this to you, reading this, right now) is that summer is so full of grace. that the world, is so full. that there is so much for you here. there is just so much that sometimes i’m afraid my heart may cave in and in and in.
look, i know what it’s like to wind up drugged and bleeding and sobbing and terrified in the emergency room after the blues and twos have plucked you back from the edge of complete self-destruction, but don’t you see? there is so much love for you here.
so, for the love of god, please, tremble and shake, but never bend. and never, ever break.

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