mardi 9 décembre 2008

recent loves :
jewlerry by geneine honey

sketches by fleur harris:

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the yellow elephant a dit…

i've given you an award

Raspberry Muffins a dit…

look for "followers" on my blog.

fairy wishes and hugs

xx felicity.

Anonyme a dit…

what a lovelyyyy page you have here!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder a dit…

is post is super cute, i love all!
i want a necklace so bad!!!

Betsey a dit…

ooh beautiful post! i love those sketches.
your blog is so charming!

Fleur a dit…

HI! This is Fleur :) I just found your blog and saw you put my sketches on it, amazing!! Thankyou! I've changed the site you got these from but you can still say hello through it, you should hit me up! Fleur xxx